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    Discover Sluamor Marketplace for Buyers

  • Find new suppliers more quickly and hassle-free.

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    Marketplace Benefits for Buyers

      • Putting your work out to tender maximises your chances of getting motivated companies to help you pave the road to success. Run your procurement competitions using Sluamor, to easily identify and select the suppliers you've deemed as the ones most capable of providing value for money to your business.

      • Our growing business community will give you access to a broader pool of supplier choices without the burden of intense market-research or costly marketing activities. We'll help you to find the right suppliers for your business, locally, nationally and/or internationally, to provide the products and/or services you need.

      • Sluamor provides a remarkably, straightforward way for you to get better control and oversight of the procurement activities of the different buyers in your company. You'll find it easy to show that your procurement procedures are open, fair, transparent, robust, and in line with your internal and external guidelines.

    Easily engage with suppliers for goods and services you need.

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    • Do you?

      • Struggle to find reliable and affordable suppliers.
      • Aim to get better value for money from suppliers.
      • Embrace procurement best practices.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Free up your procurement team by accessing a wider variety of suppliers across the framework we've built to support procurement best practices.

      • Request proposals or expressions of interest as a Marketplace pitch, whether you're immediate focus is to award a contract or to develop a longer-term framework agreement with one or more suppliers.

      • Obtain proposals from companies who have a genuine interest in offering you the products and/or services you need.

      • Evaluate the proposal you receive to shortlist and/or select the supplier(s) who are most likely to provide the products and/or services you need.

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    Discover Sluamor Marketplace for Suppliers

  • Discover new buyers. Smash your sales goals.

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    Marketplace Benefits for Suppliers

      • Multiply your target sales goals by gaining more lucrative leads on larger, longer-term contracts. Embrace the power of Sluamor when you setup alerts. You'll get notifications of all new relevant tendering opportunities, giving you the chance to sell to buyers who may or may not have heard about you before.

      • When you setup alerts via Sluamor, we'll send you live business opportunities that match the products and/or services you choose for your alerts. You'll be able to spend more of your time and energy developing a connection with real prospective customers, who genuinely want to hear what your company has to offer.

      • You could use our upcoming business matching capablility to publish detailed descriptions of your products and/or services and any promotions you have on offer. Thereafter, your company could catch the attention of buyers when they need your support, thereby accelerating your revenue earnings from unsolicited leads.

    Exceed your sales targets with better quality leads.

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    • Do you?

      • Want new prospects to meet or exceed your sales targets.
      • Struggle to find buyers for the products and/or services you sell.
      • Seek more innovative ways to access genuine leads.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Obtain more qualified sales leads, so that you can sell more products and services, and make more money for you and your business.

      • Search our list of pitched Marketplace business opportunities. It shows any requests for proposals or expressions of interest published by companies who want to find the products and/or services you sell.

      • Setup alerts to passively monitor all new Marketplace pitches listed on the website, that could be of real interest to you and your company. We'll notify you by email whenever any matching pitches are published.

      • Register your interest in any Marketplace business opportunities that are requesting the products and/or services offered by your company. Send off your company proposal before the submission deadline.

    Discover Sluamor Consortium for Group Purchases

  • Create group purchasing schemes to gain economies of scale, together.

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    Consortium Benefits for Purchasing Collaborations

      • If you're looking to form a corporate buying group (e.g., as a trade and professional associations, business networking bodies, and chambers of commerce), we'll help you to collate expressions of interest from multiple companies who want to join your group purchasing schemes so that they can get better deals from suppliers.

      • With access to more companies via Sluamor, you'll increase the collective buying power of your purchasing group, thus making it easier for you to negotiate larger discounts or more favourable terms for the group. As a result, the independent members of your group will be able to improve their staying power or competitive advantage.

      • We'll provide you with a straightforward, low-cost channel when are looking to coordinate purchasing schemes, so that you can efficiently track and evaluate the level of interest from your members, all in one place, getting rid of the headaches typically involved. As a result, you'll be able to quickly increase your organisation's value proposition and member base.

    Leverage your collective purchasing power.

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    • Do you?

      • Have an idea for a group purchasing scheme.
      • Want a straightforward way to drum up and collate interest.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Add a Consortium Pitch to share your idea for a group purchasing scheme, and to gather expressions of interest from other companies who're also looking for more attractive supplier deals.

      Are you?

      • Interested in a group purchasing idea.
      • Open to alternative ways of reducing your procurement spend.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Keep abreast of new group purchasing scheme ideas by setting up to receive alerts of new Consortium pitches that could be relevant to your company.

    Discover Sluamor Consortium for Group Sales

  • Get a competitive edge by securing new business opportunities, together.

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    Consortium Benefits for Sales Collaborations

      • If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Sluamor will allow you and your company to create every conceivable kind of collaborative structure that is legally permissible. Create or respond to a Consortium pitch to collaborate with other ambitious companies who would like your help in winning more work or growing in markets they cannot penetrate on their own.

      • For many companies, hiring extra staff or obtaining extra capital may not be possible to launch a new product idea or target a new market. Use Sluamor if you need help to find other companies to make your next project succeed (e.g., specialised staff, technology, or local knowledge). Start by sharing your business idea as a Consortium pitch.

      • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) typically collaborate to win lucractive contracts in the public sector. Even large companies may need support at times. Creating a consortium offers a path to growth for such companies, where they leverage the relative strengths of the constituent members to win contracts that they would not have had a chance with on their own.

    Make business connections to boost sales figures.

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    • Do you?

      • Looking to strengthen your competitive advantage.
      • Looking to expand into new target markets.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Determine the level of interest others may have in forming a consortium with you, so that your firms can meet your sales objectives together.

      Are you?

      • Looking to strengthen your competitive advantage.
      • Searching for viable business growth opportunities.

      How can Sluamor help?

    • Search for live Consortium business opportunities, or setup to get alerts of any new Consortium pitches to suit you and your business. Submit your company proposal when ready.

    What we do best?

      • Sluamor is a self-service, which can be used anywhere and at anytime, via phone, tablet or laptop devices. There are no strings attached. It instills the flexible, proprietary framework we've developed using our collective team experiences, along with modern-day artificial intelligence techniques, to make it simple and easy for you to save time and money when you need to access to more buyers and suppliers, close to wherever you are based, or elsewhere across the world.

      • The integrity of our platform is taken seriously. So, we verify all our subscribers who present us with pitches and proposals for publication, to ensure that they are authorised representatives of legitimate companies. The vetting starts with us using company registration information available from all across the world to ensure that the expressed companies are legally registered entities in their relevant regions. Thereafter, we follow up with one or more calls to any listed company numbers.

      • We believe it important to safeguard the privacy of our subscribers, unless they otherwise choose to share their identities (e.g., when submitting a proposal). We want our customers to feel comfortable about sharing their ideas without worrying about fraud or fear of harassment. Therefore, we aim to keep approved company profiles and pitches anonymous (i.e., without any obvious links to individuals or companies). Our customers are in control at all times, and decide who they want to interact with on their terms.

      • When you setup a pitch, anyone can have access to the relevant information by default. However, there will be cases where you'll know exactly which companies you'd like to view your pitch. You can easily restrict access to only those companies you want to have access. All you need to do, when you're starting from scratch, is to add and select the relevant business contacts. And, where applicants have been previously shortlisted, the system will do it all for you.

      • The use of standardised processes plays a major part in helping companies to adopt good practices when establishing third-party commercial agreements. Sluamor also incorporates other ways to assist our customers in reducing possible integrity and legal risks. For example, we mandate the provision of clear evaluation criteria, prevent submission of late proposals, and restrict access to proposals prior to submission deadlines.

      • We strongly believe all competitions should be carried out using fair and non-discriminatory rules. As such, all individuals who record their interest in a pitch, are provided equal access to the pitched requests for proposals and expressions of interests, shared evaluation criteria, and recorded clarifications. In addition, we ensure the distribution of evaluation results to all bidders in one step, using a standard format.

What our customers say about us

We found a world class design team from southern Europe, with whom we are building an effective long term strategic partnership. We've one public and two private sector opportunities that we're working on together at the moment. All this has happened against the backdrop of COVID via video calls and emails. It's amazing the growth opportunities you find once you start to look around.

Business Construction Professional Services, Micro business Ireland

The Sluamor platform is perfect for our needs in identifying innovative products and brands for our specialist food sector. It's user-friendly interface allows us to easily upload our specific requirements. The platform is thoughtfully designed to extract key points of information, so that potential suppliers clearly understand our needs. Suppliers get a clear description of the market, both scale and expectation, while we get the benefit of embedded checklists to ensure that suitable and serious bidders are vetted and verified before being presented as potential suppliers. The process saves us time, unnecessary travel and money. It allows us to engage with suppliers and manufacturers in a manner that reduces the risk of potentially expensive misunderstandings and miscommunications. It's a clear win for both suppliers and customers.

Health Stores Ireland, CEO Ireland

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