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One Place. Limitless Possibilities.

Grow your business with Sluamor, especially if you are a small to medium-sized enterprise.

Brought to you by Keystone Procurement Limited.

Get more for your business.


Form Alliances

Use Sluamor Consortiums if you are looking to expand by aligning yourself with other companies having similar interests. We offer businesses a powerful way to make such connections quickly. Simply pitch an idea or search the list of business opportunities published by others.

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Target New Markets

Use Sluamor Consortiums if you are looking for companies that can introduce your business to new target markets. The move could quickly bring in more money for your buiness. Submit your business idea and we'll match you with interested parties.

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Win Government Contracts

Use Sluamor Consortiums if you want partners who can help you to meet all the procurement and contractual requirements you need to secure a valued government contract. Public sector organisations are some of the largest buyer of goods and services in any country.

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Our plans for the future?

Need financing?

Our Sluamor Investments platform will match companies having great start-up or scale-up concepts with interested private or business investors looking to expand their investment portfolios. We’ll empower entrepreneurs in raising capital for their innovative ideas whether big or small. Our target go-live timeframe is Summer 2018.

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Looking for Suppliers or Tender Opportunities?

Our Sluamor Marketplace platform is designed for companies wanting to contract with the best talent around, along with companies looking to win jobs in the private sector. You’ll be able to publish or respond to tenders online replicating the benefits of public procurement e-platforms.

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Don’t want to wait for these platforms to go online?

Our parent company, Keystone Procurement, already helps companies in executing their growth strategy in so many ways. Contact us today to see how we can help you to grow your business and generate opportunities.

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