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    Why Sluamor?

  • Sluamor is an innovative platform specifically built for small businesses like yours, who are looking to stand out from the crowd by building strong business partnerships with other like-minded companies that are eager to attain business success.

  • Together, we're more than the sum of all our parts.

    Discover Sluamor Marketplace

  • A remarkable way to bridge the gap between buyers & suppliers.

    Marketplace Benefits

    • Effective for Buyers

      • Putting your work out to tender maximises your chances of getting motivated companies to help you pave the road to success. Run your procurement competitions using Sluamor, to easily identify and select the suppliers you've deemed as the ones most capable of providing value for money to your business.

      • The more your need for suppliers is shared, the greater your chances of finding the right suppliers for your business. Using Sluamor, you'll inevitably attract a larger number of suppliers, sourced locally, nationally and/or internationally, to provide the products and/or services you need for your business.

      Lucrative to Suppliers

      • Multiply your target sales goals by gaining more lucrative leads on larger, longer-term contracts. Embrace the power of Sluamor when you setup alerts. You'll get notifications of all new relevant tendering opportunities, giving you the chance to sell to buyers who may or may not have heard about you before.

      • When you setup alerts via Sluamor, we'll send you live business opportunities that match the products and/or services you choose for your alerts. You'll be able to spend more of your time and energy developing a connection with real prospective customers, who genuinely want to hear what your company has to offer.

    Discover Sluamor Consortium

  • A powerful and smart way to make business connections that can boost growth.

    Consortium Benefits

    • Priceless to Visionaries with Big Business Ideas

      • For many companies, hiring extra staff or obtaining extra capital may not be possible to launch a new business idea. Use Sluamor if you are still interested in achieving your business goals. We can help you to find other companies that have what it takes to make your next project succeed (e.g., specialised staff and/or technology, or local knowledge about your new target markets). Start by sharing your business idea as a Consortium pitch.

      • Typically, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are often forced to collaborate in order to win a large contract or even small ones in the public sector. Even large companies may need support from time to time. Creating a consortium can offer a path to growth for such companies, where they leverage the relative strengths of the constituent members to win bigger public and private sector contracts than they could achieve on their own.

      Essential for Opportunity Seekers

      • If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door. Sluamor provides companies with a path to building every conceivable kind of collaborative structure that is legally permissible. Respond to one of our Consortium pitches to collaborate with other ambitious companies who could use your help to win more work or growing in markets they cannot penetrate on their own.

      • Finding the right business opportunities isn't easy, so when one turns up you don't want to miss your chance. Minimise the time you spend searching by staying connected. Set up alerts. Our algorithm will send you a notification whenever it finds that a new live pitch is a great match for you and your company. Don't ever lose out again while you wait for the right opportunities to appear.

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