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Resource Centre Video How To Add And Submit A Company Profile On Sluamor

How to Add and Submit a Company Profile on Sluamor

Video   July 27, 2020

This video is only available to subscribers. |

In this video, you'll get a step by step walkthrough on how to add and submit your Company Profile, with insights on the specific bits of information you'll be asked to provide and why they are deemed pertinent.

Remember, the completion of a Company Profile is an important step in our process to ensure that all subscribers are legitimate organisations, and have been submitted by authorised representatives of those businesses. We believe that vetting of a Company Profile is imperative before allowing subscribers to pitch business opportunities to other organisations, or before granting subscribers full access to pitches published. Such measures help to reduce the likelihood of spam and fraud.

If you need further support in completing a Company Profile, feel free to request our help.

We hope you'll find this tutorial useful.

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