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Resource Centre Training Preparing Client References For Selling To Customers Using Formal Procurement Processes

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Preparing Client References: for Selling to Customers using Formal Procurement Processes

Bid Management Newbie 00:36:41 Jul 08, 2021 0
Proposal Writing Sales Management Bids Case Study Client References Winning Contracts

Learning Outcome

In this tutorial, Donnacha shows you how to complete a piece of information that buyers very often request, i.e., client references, otherwise referred to as case studies.

You'll learn the following:

  1. Why buyers ask for client references / case studies;
  2. How best to write great client reference / case studies, using a mediocre example.

Make your company stand out to buyers with an improved set of client references / case studies. Ensure that they demonstrate your company's ability to efficiently and reliably provide the goods and services they need. Enhance your chances of winning more and bigger contracts.

This is a must watch for sales persons who are want to be at their best when submitting formal proposals into other companies, likely to purchase the goods and/or services they sell.


Donnacha Phelan

An entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience in Technology and Procurement, Donnacha has a keen interest in collaboration and innovation. He draws on his technical background and his corporate experience to act as an effective ‘bridge’ between the business and IT.


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