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Resource Centre Template Webinar Slides Targeting Irish And Eu Companies With Sluamor For Indian Companies Jan

Slides used for the Webinar on 20 January 2022 on Targeting Irish and EU based companies with Sluamor for Indian Companies

Webinar Slides: Targeting Irish and EU companies with Sluamor for Indian Companies - 20 Jan 2022

On January 20, we held a free webinar specifically setup to help Indian companies wanting to target more businesses in Ireland and other parts of Europe. It was hosted by Sluamor's co-CEOs, Ross McCarthy and Tanya Thompson, and sponsored by His Excellency Akhilesh Mishra, Ambassador of India to Ireland.

During the webinar, the following was covered:

  1. Ross and Ambassador Mishra gave a profile of the Irish economy and other EU markets.
  2. Tanya demonstrated how Sluamor could be used to empower Indian companies to:
    1. Identify new sales leads across Ireland and the EU, using the circa 1M records of real business deals we aggregate in our market research data.
    2. Identify new potential partners for trade across the EU.

The slides used for the webinar are attached.

Drop us a note via our Contact page if you have any queries, or sign in and request support from the Support Centre area.

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