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Resource Centre Template Simple Bid No Bid Go No Go Evaluation Matrix

Improve your proposal win rate by using this Bid / No-Bid (Go / No-Go) Evaluation Matrix.

Simple Bid / No-Bid (Go / No-Go) Evaluation Matrix

Prior to submitting a proposal to any potential buyer as part of a procurement contest, it is critically important for suppliers to carefully consider whether or not your company has a decent chance of winning the contract up for grabs.

This Bid / No-Bid (Go / No-Go) Evaluation Matrix outlines key go/no-go questions to ask when making the decision to submit a proposal in response to the Request for Proposal or other notice you've obtained for a buying organisation.

The Bid / No-Bid (Go / No-Go) Evaluation Matrix is to be used to ensure that your company can:

  1. Start making smart bid decisions, without chasing opportunities that aren’t a good fit for the organisation.
  2. Improve its proposal win rate.

  3. Reduce the time and money spent by staff on creating proposals.

The template is easy-to-use. Simply follow the guidelines provided, change the questions to make it more relevant for your company, and score as you deem fit for each proposal decision. Use the standard features of Microsoft Word to reformat as needed to match your own brand colours.

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