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Resource Centre Template Case Study Template For Business Proposals

Win more proposals with this detailed case study template.

Case Study Template for Business Proposals

The purpose of a case study in proposals is to illustrate how your company has previously supported clients in solving their problems, ideally providing products and/or services similar to those required by the organisation to who you are proposing.

The most powerful case studies are those which reflect the same kinds of issues being faced by your potential customers. It’s imperative that you connect with them by writing clear high quality case studies that satisfactory depicts your company’s ability to address their issues, using plain language, with little or no use of jargon.

This case study template is ideal for when you’re submitting proposals and need to showcase examples of projects that your company has previously completed or are currently working on for clients. It’s ideal for your larger contracts where it’ll be imperative for your company to differentiate itself from competitor organisations.

The template is easy-to-use and includes specific instructions to support you in completing each case reference. Simply follow the guidelines provided and type over to replace with your own text. Use the standard features of Microsoft Word to reformat as needed to match your own brand colours.

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