Use Sluamor to Form Group Purchasing Schemes

Did you know that you could use Sluamor to form a Group Purchasing Schemes?

Let's say that you purchase construction materials (e.g., timber, steel, and bricks) on a regular basis for your construction company. You might even be getting a good deal for your current suppliers at the moment. However, like any other business, you'd be delighted to negotiate a lower price so that you can reduce your overall expenses, especially these days with prices skyrocketing.

Remember, because of the economies of scale, you'll increase your chances of getting preferential rates, discounts, and better terms (e.g., faster delivery timelines, lower shipping costs, more support) when buying products and services in bulk from suppliers. Furthermore, lower costs means greater profits.

What sorts of products and services could you procure as a group?

The list is endless. It can be:

  1. Products you buy locally or from overseas (e.g., for manufacturing and packaging products you sell, or office supplies); or
  2. Services you use on a regular basis (e.g., payroll, accounting, HR, or legal services).

How can Sluamor help?

With Sluamor, you can band together with buyers in other companies to purchase and negotiate as a group. Use Sluamor to:

  1. Let other companies know that you're looking to form a Group Purchasing Scheme; and
  2. Collate expressions of interest from other corporate buyers.

Does this concept interest you?

Drop us a note today via our Contact page and let's get down to talking business. We think it's worthwhile investigating, to find out the level of interest for your particular industry sector.