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Resource Centre News Sluamor On The Hot Desk At Wlr Fm

Sluamor on the Hot Desk at WLR FM

Tanya at WLR FM Credit: Mary O'Neil from the Hot Desk at WLR FM Radio

We were honored to listen to Tanya Thompson, our CTO, talking to Mary O'Neill from the Hot Desk show at the WLR FM studios.

Mary was a wonderful host, and provided a warm welcome to Tanya.

Tanya tells Mary and her audience:

  1. What brought her to Ireland all the way from Jamaica;
  2. How Sluamor got started;
  3. How Sluamor helps companies from a procurement and sales perspective;
  4. Sluamor's connections to Waterford, including how she and the comany have benefited from participating in the New Frontiers enterpreneurship programme at the Waterford Institute of Technology, backed by Enterprise Ireland

Click here to listen to the recording. You'll even get to know Tanya a bit more.

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