Sluamor on the 11th October episode of the GYFT Show podcast

Our COO, Donnacha Phelan recently had the opportunity to be interviewed on The GYFT Show, with John Burns who started the podcast to help redundant business executives return to the workforce in senior positions, or by starting their own companies.

In the 11th October episode of the GYFT Show, Donnacha tells us all about the following:

  1. His journey from the typical 9-5 job to being his own boss, along with his co-founders, and what he's learned about himself in making the switch.
  2. How Sluamor is helping SMEs to find and connect with the right buyers and suppliers for their companies through our growing community of business leaders across the world, and our market research data.
  3. How being an entrepreneur has been something special for him.
  4. His hobbies.
  5. How he evisages his future.

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