Sluamor featured in the September 2021 issue of the Health Food Business Magazine

It has been an exhilarating journey for Sluamor since we joined up with Health Stores Ireland to help them promote their #GuaranteedHealthy program and support their procurement sourcing needs. We are delighted to share that we’ve been featured in the September 2021 issue of the Health Food Business Magazine, the UK and Ireland's number one trade magazine for independent health food retailers.

In the article, Alan McGrath explains how and why Health Stores Ireland partnered with Sluamor to get their Guaranteed Healthy initiative underway. Thereafter, Sluamor's streamlined procurement platform helped them to quickly identify and shortlist over a dozen food producers from Ireland and other EU countries, by ensuring that both suppliers and retailers understand the contractual aspects of the relationship well in advance.

One such food producer is Larry Maguire, the first of these suppliers who’s gone into Health Stores Ireland stores, offering his affordable and quality Galway Cheese brand of goats, milk kefir, yogurt and cheese to consumers all across Ireland. We're certainly looking forward to see others moving in the same direction.

This news is particularly thrilling for our team because it showcases the usefulness of Sluamor as a procurement sourcing platform for both buyers and suppliers, and why we created Sluamor in the first instance:

  1. Sluamor is a quicker, smarter, convenient way to find and connect with a wide variety of buyers or suppliers, locally or internationally, anywhere and at anytime;
  2. Sluamor can help buying organisations to find ways around the issues that arise because of new trading complications (e.g., as per Brexit) as established brands are forced to drop out of a market, leaving businesses unable to get the products and services they need to generate sales; and
  3. Sluamor helps manufacturers and suppliers to find new customers.

We've seen buyers do deals with suppliers who were practically at their doorstep, but for one reason or another hadn't known connected before using Sluamor.

Get your foot in the door

By the way, if you're a food producer in the health food sector, you should note that Health Stores Ireland's #GuaranteedHealthy program is still underway. More artisan food categories will be promoted via Sluamor over the next few months. Let us know if you're interested via our Contact page, and we'll share the news with Health Stores Ireland. You can also sign up to our Free plan and setup an alert so that you don't miss out when your food category is being promoted.

Alternatively, share this piece with:

  1. Any buyers you think might have an interested in using Sluamor in a similar way as Health Stores Ireland is currently doing, or
  2. Any suppliers who might be interested in Health Stores Ireland's #GuaranteedHealthy program, any of the opportunities currently being showcased on Sluamor, or any opportunities that will appear in the future.

We'll be happy to walk you through the process. So get in touch today!