Sluamor at the National Manufacturing and Supply Chain Conference and Exhibition 2022

Sluamor at the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference Credit: Donnacha Phelan

After witnessing virtual events for the past two years in Ireland, Sluamor was beyond excited to be a part of the National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition. Procurement was one of several co-located events at the conference, and it was great to discuss procurement best practice with industry experts. The enthusiasm, eagerness of fellow exhibitors and the excellent speakers panel was something Sluamor’s team was looking forward to – and we were not disappointed!

The event was held on the 25th and 26th May 2022 at the RDS Simmonscourt in Dublin and the varied industries we had the chance to interact with consisted of Construction, Manufacturers, Retailers, and many others. Find the list of people of all the exhibitors here.

Our CEO Ross McCarthy and our Director Donnacha Phelan manned our stand where they shared our views on supply chain constraints faced due to the war in Ukraine, Covid, Brexit etc. and explained how they can be overcome by thinking smarter and working together.

Ross and Donnacha were particularly excited to provide live demonstrations of the latest features on Sluamor. Sluamor is a streamlined, self-service, digital platform that makes it easy for business buyers to discover and engage with the right suppliers, locally or internationally. Sluamor has been successful in helping many companies address their supply chain disruption and high cost issues, because it’s an open platform that is also used by many different kinds of suppliers, free of charge. Plus, it is designed for any buyer, even if they are not procurement professionals. You can learn more about Sluamor here.

One final thought – Sustainability was a hot topic at this year’s event. Irish businesses across all sectors of the economy are looking to reduce their environmental footprints and the Irish government’s Climate Action Plan drew a lot of focus at another co-located event, the National Sustainability Summit. Supporting Green Procurement is now government policy, and it’s going to become an integral part of businesses' growth plans. For many this means investing in new greener tools and technologies, and everyone should be considering the impact their supply chain has the world around us. This kind of strategic procurement is exactly what Sluamor was designed to support. If you haven’t started to think about Green Procurement, now’s the time to start!

If you didn’t get a chance to go to the RDS Simmonscourt and visit our stand, drop us a line and we’ll be happy to show you how Sluamor can help you to get the most from your supply chain and put green procurement at the heart of your business.

Looking forward to networking at more great events like this one soon!