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Resource Centre News Isme Uses Sluamor For Alternative Insurance Undertakings

ISME uses Sluamor for Alternative Insurance Undertakings

The high cost of business insurance for many Irish businesses remains an ongoing issue, despite the result of the 6th March 2021 vote by the Judges to slash personal injury awards. In our opinion, insurance costs in Ireland will remain high until we actually start to see a significant drop in judiciary awards, thereby giving the insurance industry the wherewithal to make comparable reductions in insurance premiums. Also, as outlined by a number of business interest groups, the new guidelines are insufficient, and as ISME has noted, the end result "will barely dent the cost of insurance".

ISME, the Irish Small and Medium Enterprises association, has decided to push ahead with its plan to put in place alternative insurance offerings, to do what it can to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to obtain more affordable insurance. Following a tendering competition initiated last year via Sluamor, ISME has asked for O’Leary Insurances's assistance in organising one or more group insurance undertakings to support its members. O’Leary Insurances will liaise with insurers to negotiate more favourable terms.

In support of this initiative, we are delighted to announce that Sluamor has been asked to collate the expressions of interest (EOIs) from SMEs. More information is available on ISME's website here.

We are currently collecting EOIs from organisations in the Equine, Activity and Adventure Centre, and Architectural Design Services areas. For further details on what's required and how to proceed, please select the relevant links provided below:

  • For EOIs in the Equine Sector, click here.
  • For EOIs in the Activity and Adventure Centre Sector, click here.
  • For EOIs in the Architectural Design Services, click here.

For more up-to-date information, please search the list of live business opportunties that are available on Sluamor.

Feel free to share this news with any businesses who might be looking to reduce their insurance premiums.

Also, if you'd like ISME to bring forward a request for EOIs for other types of services or industry sectors, please let us know via our Contact page.

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