Interested in Reducing your Energy Costs?

Have your energy costs been skyrocketing? Are you an Irish business or Not For Profit organisation? Interested in getting real savings?

There's a Not-For-Profit organisation looking to form a Group Purchasing Scheme with other organisations that have high energy consumption demands. The company plans to focus initially on affordable heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions.

So, consider joining a pool of other Private Sector and Not For Profit companies for your energy and energy management solutions. We've made it easy for you to advise the promoter of this group purchasing scheme of your interest, at no cost to you or your company. Click here to learn more.

  1. Sign in or subscribe to our Free plan, as needed.
  2. Add a company profile, if you've haven't submitted one before.
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  3. Register your interest to see all the relevant details, and to raise any queries you may have for the promoter of this group purchasing scheme.
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  4. Submit a proposal to formalise your interest in joining the group.
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The relevant Not-For-Profit organisation will be in touch with you shortly thereafter to discuss next steps for formalising the group purchasing scheme and going out to market.

So, get going today! Don't miss out on this great business opportunity. Alternatively, share with a friend or colleague.

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Also, feel free to drop us a message via our Contact page if you'd like to discuss how best to proceed. We'll be happy to help.