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Resource Centre News Access Data On Purchase Orders Issued By Irish Public Sector Entities

Access Data on Purchase Orders issued by Irish Public Sector entities

A map of Ireland Credit: Robert Thompson

The Sluamor team has collected and aggregated freely available data that we've been able to obtain on the purchase orders that have been issued to suppliers by a number of Irish public sector organisations. Check out our Market Research area to learn more.

What are the benefits of this market research data for you and your company?

This market research data is not for everyone. However, if you'd like your company to increase revenue through more wins with public sector organisations, then access this data will be highly beneficial to ou and your company.

So, what are the potential benefits? Knowing the purchase orders issued by the various Irish public sector entities could help your company to:

  • Identify the public sector organisations that ideal targets for your company;
  • Determine the local and international companies that have won contracts with the relevant public sector organisations, and at times, the ultimate value of those relationships; and
  • Sense check your company's pricing strategy to determine if is sufficiently effective or needs to be revisited.

Who has access to this data?

We have made this information available to all our Premium subscribers. So, sign in and check it out, if you're already on that plan.

Alternatively, sign in and get an upgrade. Don't forget that our currently 50% discount offer end on 30 September.

Which Irish public sectors are covered?

Currently, we have included data from the following Irish public sector entities:

  1. Carlow County Council
  2. Cavan County Council
  3. Clare County Council
  4. Cork City Council
  5. Cork County Council
  6. Donegal County Council
  7. Dublin City Council
  8. Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council
  9. Fingal County Council
  10. Galway City Council
  11. Galway County Council
  12. Kerry County Council
  13. Kildare County Council
  14. Kilkenny County Council
  15. Laois County Council
  16. Leitrim County Council
  17. Limerick County Council
  18. Longford County Council
  19. Louth County Council
  20. Mayo County Council
  21. Meath County Council
  22. Monaghan County Council
  23. Offaly County Council
  24. Roscommon County Council
  25. Sligo County Council
  26. South Dublin County Council
  27. Tipperary County Council
  28. Waterford County Council
  29. Westmeath County Council
  30. Wexford County Council
  31. Wicklow County Council
  32. Dublin City University
  33. National University of Ireland Galway
  34. Trinity College Dublin

We're currently in the process of adding data for more universities and other public state bodies. So, the dataset will definitely be increasing over time.

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