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Resource Centre Event Webinar Introduction To Sluamor For Commercially Astute Buyers

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Webinar - Introduction to Sluamor for Commercially-Astute Buyers

Supplier Sourcing Newbie 09:00 - 10:00 Jan 21, 2022 10

Learning Outcome

This free, live clinic is designed to help commercially-astute Corporate Buyers to learn more about Sluamor and how it can be used to get great deals from the market whenever they need to find affordable and reliable suppliers. It will be hosted by Sluamor's co-CEOs, Ross McCarthy and Tanya Thompson.

Ross and Tanya will cover need-to-know topics for you as a commercially-savvy corporate buyer such as:

  1. How to add Sluamor pitches to let suppliers to learn of the products and/or services your company needs.
  2. How to bring your Sluamor pitch to the attention of specific suppliers from your own list of contacts versus those within our ever-growing community of businesses all across the world.
  3. How to identify the level of interest in your pitched business opportunity.
  4. How to view queries from prospective suppliers, as needed, and provide them with clarifications.
  5. How to extend the pitch dates, if needed.
  6. How to view and score proposals received from candidate suppliers.
  7. How to select your preferred suppliers.
  8. How to copy Sluamor pitches, so that you can create a new pitch from a previously existing one.

In sitting in on this webinar, you too will see how hassle-free the sourcing of affordable and reliable suppliers will get once you begin to use Sluamor. You'll be able to publish notices of products and/or services to Sluamor's growing community of suppliers from across the world, with ease, so that you can obtain fair deals priced in line with the expected market norms, without the fear of being bombarded and pressured into accepting less-than-favourable deals.

Drop us a note via our Contact page if you have any queries, or sign in and request support from the Support Centre area.

This event is no longer available.