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Resource Centre Event Webinar Introduction To Sluamor For Ambitious Suppliers

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Webinar: Introduction to Sluamor for Ambitious Suppliers

Bid Management Newbie 09:00 - 10:00 Jan 28, 2022 10

Learning Outcome

This free, live clinic is designed to help ambitious Sales Professionals to learn more about Sluamor and how it can be used to help them improve their likelihood of selling more to meet their sales targets and increase the revenue earnings of their companies. It will be hosted by Sluamor's co-CEOs, Ross McCarthy and Tanya Thompson.

Ross and Tanya will cover important topics for you as an ambitious sales professional such as:

  • How to receive alerts of newly published Sluamor pitches, notifying you of products and/or services advertised by Corporate Buyers via Sluamor.
  • How to register your interest in business opportunities published by other companies via Sluamor.
  • How to request clarifications from corporate buyers who have published Sluamor pitches.
  • How to submit proposals to corporate buyers who have published Sluamor pitches.
  • How to determine the outcome of any proposals you've submitted via Sluamor.
  • How to use Sluamor's rich market research data to find the names and contact details of potential sales targets, from among the numerous companies who have successfully negotiated deals within the public sector across Europe.

In sitting in on this webinar, you too will see how easy Sluamor could make it for you to smash your sales targets. Once you begin to use Sluamor you'll be able to:

  1. Get instant alerts of newly published business opportunities that could translate into new sales leads for you and your company.
  2. Investigate and respond to live business opportunities so that you can win new contracts.
  3. Explore our database of real sales leads, via the rich market data that we offer, which stores the names and contact details of thousands of buyers and suppliers who have successfully negotiated high value deals across the public sector in Europe.

Drop us a note via our Contact page if you have any queries, or sign in and request support from the Support Centre area.

This event is no longer available.