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Opportunities Marketplace Opportunity Digital Marketing Creating High Quality Digital Content Using Mobile Phones

Digital marketing - creating high quality digital content using mobile phones

Marketplace Business Opportunity

Request for Proposal

July 23, 2021


€10,000 The estimated value of the contract relating to the tender.

  • Ireland
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • The service areas and industry sector for which the tender is relevant.

Services REQUIRED The products and/or services required by suppliers with an interest in tendering.

  • Education / Training
  • Marketing
  • Photography
  • Training

Lots The different tendering packages relevant for the procurement exercise.

  • 1 - Introduction to pro filming on phones for marketing (2 partners)
  • 2 - Advanced pro filming for marketing (2 partners)

Contract Award - Single Stage Approach The planned outcome of the procurement exercise, and number of tendering stages to use for evaluating and selecting suppliers.

September 6, 2021 - September 2, 2022 The expected duration of any contractural agreements.

Ireland The country from where any contracts awarded will be managed, following the completion of the tender exercise.



Recent studies show that 83% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. This is up from 63% in 2018. Viewers retain up to 95% of a message when watched in a video as opposed to 10% from text. Demand for video content is rising with 72% of consumers prefering to learn about products or services through video. 

Project Description

The objective for these courses is to give SMEs the simple skills needed to make high quality video content using the tools that are at their disposal. These skills can be used in a variety of environments such as:

  • Creating engaging content for social media
  • Shooting onsite interviews for behind the scenes videos
  • Capturing customer testimonials for websites
  • Product or service videos
  • Documenting events / interactions. 

Business Requirements

The supplier(s) should have a strong track record providing training in these services for SMEs. They must be expert in these services and help businesses make an immediate impact in using video in their companys sales and marketing strategy. 

Key Risks, Constraints & Dependencies

There are no significant risks associated with this event although equipment supply is necessary. The supplier should be clear on what participants must have and what they are supplied with. 

Required Service Levels

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Instructions to Bidders

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Additional Details

Partner Requirements

4 partners required Number of suppliers required, per lot where relevant.


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# Companies Interested

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Reference #: 78

Published: July 1, 2021220

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