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Opportunities Consortium Opportunity Supply Of Medical And Surgical Consumables To National Maternity Hospital

Supply of Medical and Surgical Consumables to National Maternity Hospital

Consortium Business Opportunity

Request for Proposal

May 31, 2021

45 days to deadline

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€100,000 The estimated value of the project.

  • Ireland
  • Wholesale and Retail Trade
  • Health Care and Social Assistance
  • The target markets industry sector for which the consortium opportunity is relevant.

Services Required The services required by other businesses with an interest in the consortium business opportunity.

  • Product Distribution
  • Baby Health & Grooming Supplies
  • Health Care
  • Medical consumables

Lots The different tendering packages relevant for the procurement exercise.

  • 1 - Needles (1 partners)
  • 2 - Syringes (1 partners)
  • 3 - Gloves (1 partners)
  • 4 - Medical Paper Products (1 partners)
  • 5 - Surgical Products (1 partners)
  • 6 - Medical Personal Protection Equipment (1 partners)
  • 7 - Baby Products (1 partners)
  • 8 - Household (1 partners)
  • 9 - Lactation (1 partners)
  • 10 - General and Miscellaneous (1 partners)

Informal Arrangement - One Member as Prime The preferred type of arrangement and consortium structure.

June 30, 2021 - November 13, 2024 The expected duration of the consortium.

Ireland The country from which the consortium will be overseen.



The National Maternity Hospital in Dublin wants suppliers of various consumables over 10 lots. This consortium will look to supply as many of the lots as possible and will apply for membership of the hospital's Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

Project Description

The DPS will run until November 2024. Individual contracts will be awarded to DPS participants based on criteria such Price, Quality, Service / Aftersales Environmental - only DPS partipants will e able to tender for these contracts.

Consortium members will agree how lots are devided among themselves. One member will be appointed the main contracter (responsible for account management) on behalf of all consortium members.

Business Requirements

Partners should be able to supply product information (data sheets etc.) and be able to demonstrate their experience and capacity to provide the service

Key Risks, Constraints & Dependencies

The Hospital will require potential suppliers to have approriate experience, and systems to ensure quality and environmental management.

Products will have to meet specific standards, and the consortium will need robust supply/distribution capabilites.

Instructions to Candidates

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Additional Details

Partner Requirements

10 partners required Number of partners required, per lot where relevant.


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# Companies Interested

1 found.

Reference #: 38

Published: January 22, 202168

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