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Home / Opportunities / Consortium Opportunity Professional Development And Corporate Training Providers Bid To Failte Ireland

Professional Development and Corporate Training Providers (Bid to Failte Ireland)

Consortium Business Opportunity

Request for Proposal

January 15, 2021


€30,000 The estimated value of the project.

  • Ireland
  • Educational Services
  • The target markets industry sector for which the consortium opportunity is relevant.

Services Required The services required by other businesses with an interest in the consortium business opportunity.

  • Education / Training
  • professional development
  • training

Lots The different tendering packages relevant for the procurement exercise.

  • 1 - People Management (1 partners)
  • 2 - Leadership Development (1 partners)
  • 3 - Financial Management (1 partners)
  • 4 - Human Resource Management (1 partners)
  • 5 - Project Management (1 partners)
  • 6 - Sales and Marketing (1 partners)
  • 7 - Digital Marketing (1 partners)
  • 8 - Communication Skills (1 partners)
  • 9 - Media Skills (1 partners)
  • 10 - Digitalisation & Automation (1 partners)
  • 11 - Business Processes (1 partners)
  • 12 - ICT Skills (1 partners)
  • 13 - Tourism or Industry Specific Training (1 partners)
  • 14 - Career Development (1 partners)
  • 15 - Competency Development (1 partners)
  • 16 - Health and Safety (1 partners)
  • 17 - Organisation Development (1 partners)
  • 18 - Planning and Strategy (1 partners)
  • 19 - Customer Service (1 partners)
  • 20 - Note taking - Business Writing Skills (1 partners)
  • 21 - Train The Trainer (1 partners)
  • 22 - Time Management - Personal effectiveness (1 partners)
  • 23 - Presentation Skills (1 partners)
  • 24 - Impact and Influence (1 partners)

Informal Arrangement - Equal Partnership The preferred type of arrangement and consortium structure.

February 1, 2021 - December 29, 2023 The expected duration of the consortium.

Ireland The country from which the consortium will be overseen.



Fáilte Ireland are seeking requests for Professional Development and Corporate Training Providers to participate in a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS).

We are seeking partners to join us in submitting a bid. Interested parties must be qualified to provide training in at least one of the 24 lots and have public or private training expereince.

Project Description

Fáilte Ireland is Ireland's national tourism agency.

The training services they require includes:

  • Access to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for individual employees and groups
  • Externally provided Short Courses
  • E-Learning Courses
  • In-house Training Courses

A Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS), is a tool set out in the EU procurement directives for the procurement of supplies, works or services of all values. It is essentially a database of applicants interested in being considered for the award of contracts, as and when they arise. It is a pool of suppliers that can be constantly refreshed. The number of candidates to be admitted to a DPS shall not be limited. However, bidders must meet the minimum qualification criteria laid down by Fáilte Ireland.

By bidding in a consortium, training providers will be able to meet these criteria as a group and qualify for opportunities they would not be able to compete for on their own.

Business Requirements

The training will supplied can include:

  • Access to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) for individual employees and groups
  • Externally provided Short Courses
  • E-Learning Courses 
  • In-house Training Courses

You must be an experienced trainer in (at least) one of the following areas:

  1. People Management
  2. Leadership Development
  3. Financial Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Project Management
  6. Sales and Marketing
  7. Digital Marketing
  8. Communication Skills 
  9. Media Skills
  10. Digitalisation & Automation
  11. Business Processes
  12. ICT Skills
  13. Tourism / Industry Specific Training
  14. Career Development
  15. Competency Development
  16. Health and Safety
  17. Organisation Development
  18. Planning and Strategy
  19. Customer Service
  20. Note taking/ Business Writing Skills
  21. Train The Trainer       
  22. Time Management / Personal effectiveness
  23. Presentation Skills
  24. Impact and Influence

Key Risks, Constraints & Dependencies

Key constraint: It is important that the trainer is qualified to train in their chosen subject, and has provable experience - client references (public or private sector) will be needed.

Fáilte Ireland has a number of other criteria around technical systems to manage the contract, insurance, quality assurance measures, data protection, environmental policy, business continuity plan, sustainability. We will be the prime contractor and and we have the policies and systems in place to meet these criteria - but each consortium member will have to commit to following the ways of working as agreed by all of the consortium members.

Instructions to Candidates

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Additional Details

Partner Requirements

24 partners required Number of partners required, per lot where relevant.


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# Companies Interested

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Reference #: 30

Published: November 26, 2020477

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