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Opportunities Consortium Opportunity Group Purchasing Scheme For Not For Profit Organisations

Group Purchasing Scheme for Not for Profit organisations

Consortium Business Opportunity

Request for Proposal

September 24, 2021

4 days to deadline

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€100,000 The estimated value of the project.

  • Ireland
  • Administrative and Support Services
  • The target markets industry sector for which the consortium opportunity is relevant.

Services Required The services required by other businesses with an interest in the consortium business opportunity.

  • Management Consulting
  • Computer Components
  • Group Purchasing
  • Not for profits
  • Procurement

Informal Arrangement - Equal Partnership The preferred type of arrangement and consortium structure.

October 8, 2021 - October 14, 2022 The expected duration of the consortium.

Ireland The country from which the consortium will be overseen.



Merchant's Quay Ireland is interested in collaborating with other not for profit organisations / SMEs in pooling expenditure on common requirements where the indiviudal organisational outlay is below €25k over two years and sourcing from the market via quotes is not driving as much value for money for the organisation as could be the case through collaborative purchasing. 

Project Description

The aim of this group purchasing club is to turn members from price takers into price makers. The proposal is to allow up to 15 members form the initial network membership. 

The objective is to:

  • Identify areas of need that value can be derived from
  • Enhance governance over lower value spend 
  • Improve compliance environment for participants

Membership will be opened up on a planned basis to faciiitate new members that can help drive additional value and savings. 

Business Requirements

The Not for Profit must be registered with the Charities Regulator and its accounts must be in good order. Members must be willing to attend meetings where instigated to agree the programme of tenders that are to be run to meet the requirements of network members. 

It is expected that an initial tender will be run for computer and peripherals. Some other categories have also been suggested in the area of Data Protection and Cyber Security advice and support. It will be members that drive the direction of the procurement strategy. 

Key Risks, Constraints & Dependencies

The key risks will be managed by the network which will be chaired by a member of the network. Risks pursuant to a drawdown from any arrangements put in place will be between the network member and the supplier(s). 

Members will be asked to commit to sourcing from arrangements in place as it helps to drive and support savings for the groyp as a whole. 

Instructions to Candidates

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Additional Details

Partner Requirements

14 partners required Number of partners required, per lot where relevant.


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# Companies Interested

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Published: August 27, 2021132

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