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Bridge the Gap between Buyers and Suppliers

As a buyer, source new suppliers to help your business succeed. As a supplier, identify more companies who are tendering for the services you offer.

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We are currently working on the Sluamor Marketplace platform and aim to have it launched by Summer 2019.

Get Value for Money

Putting your work out to tender – whether it’s legal advice, recruitment services, IT support or accountancy services – maximises the chances of getting a highly motivated professional determined to help you drive growth in your business.

Attract More Bidders

Using Sluamor Marketplace, your organisation can advertise your tenders online thereby attracting a greater number of suppliers, sourced locally, nationally and internationally. We will assist your company in tendering out work, and in sorting out potential suppliers in the market place to find just the right product source for your business.

Find Companies Needing Your Service

Sluamor Marketplace offers companies a chance to win work from buyers who may or may not have heard about you before, had you not registered to be a member of our sourcing platform. You’ll have access to our live tender opportunity listings of companies that are actually looking for the kind of services you offer, so that you can actively bid on those tenders that are of interest in a timely manner.