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For many companies, bank loans and working harder is not often the best solution. Hiring extra staff may not be possible. Those companies that want to grow their business can still achieve their goals... perhaps through collaboration with other companies.

Win Large Contracts

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) seeking to win large contracts typically need to collaborate to win. Even large companies may need to be supported by subject matter experts in SMEs in order to land a big contract. Consortiums offer a path to growth by leveraging the relative strengths of constituent members to win big public and private sector contracts.

Leverage Partnerships

Sluamor Consortiums provides companies with a path to building every conceivable kind of collaborative structure that is legally permissible. The Sluamor method has successfully been used to launch a wide range of collaborative SME relationships that are winning work and growing in markets they would have been unable to break into on their own.