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Top 3 Tips for Your Next Networking Event

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After the world was hit by the COVID19 pandemic, the word "networking" was redefined. Everything went virtual. Thankfully, the world has since adapted to a new networking culture called "connected from home".

But why is networking so important? Interacting with new people helps to increase our awareness of new business opportunities. Networking helps in enhancing the creative intellect of a business owner, one might be good at building/designing the product, but to sell it? That is a different story. You can consider networking as an additional reserve archive for information. Networking helps in knowing new trends in the industry which can help in promoting the business through the right channel and timing.

A networking event helps in boosting self-confidence and self-esteem. Attending such gathering makes you a known, reliable and trusted source of information. You can vouch on this group for advice, referral and guidance.

1. Networking 101

Start with people you know. The most traditional yet effective way to build brand reputation for your business is increasing your reach through existing network of friends and colleagues. They know you already, and so they’ll act as strong ambassadors for you and your business. It is highly likely that if you keep them informed about you and your business, they’ll help you to spread the word. Communicating the right message to a potential buyer is essential and your existing network can make that happen, thereby enhancing your ability to convince others of the importance of using your company’s resources to grow their businesses. Be open to suggestions especially regarding different ways for you to enhance your messaging and potential sales prospects.

2. Build with the right connections

Establishing and maintaining relationships with highly respected individuals in your industry sector is ideal. Their feedback will help you to move in the right direction. More importantly, their acceptance of you as a noteworthy expert in your own right can accelerate the growth of your business. Taking this step is worth the extra effort. Go the extra mile if you want your business to succeed. Invest time in creating and building the relationships. Do your research so that your first meeting will go well. You want to grab and hold their attention. It sets the tone for your meeting. Offer one or two ways for them to improve their operational efficiency, reduce costs, or increase revenue. Such noteworthy recommendations will increase the possibility of others reciprocating in a like-minded manner, perhaps not immediately, but definitely in the long term. Even if you’ve no further interactions with a contact, they could inadvertently or deliberately provide you a referral at a later date, if you make the right impression from the beginning.

In today’s world, you don’t even need to have met such individuals in person. You can rely on social media channels to help. For example, from a business perspective, LinkedIn is a useful tool to guide you to, and to connect and interact with the right industry leaders in your neck of the woods on in other parts of the world.

3. Believe and work on give and take

A referral can go a long way. It can help you to grow your business to the next level. If an individual has referred you to a potential client, be sure to thank them. Consider it as a favor. By providing a solution to one of their pain points can help them believe in your work and effort.

Focus on listening more after you have presented and think of ways you can help the other person with their constraints. Underestimating the exposure in such networking events is not an option.
Help them to fulfill one of their goal. In that way, you will increase the value of the relationship, and they will be likely to give other referrals. In the modern era, it is important to respect the time allotted to you so make the most out of it with data and evidence that would impress and portray your ability to grow an idea into a successful business.

This blog was inspired by the valuable insights and tips provided by the renowned Irish-based sales specialist, Jo Collins of Sales Performance Consulting & Sales Training Services, about networking and generating sales leads.

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