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Change How You Take On the World


It is the start of 2019, and I like many others have already made and broken my New Year resolutions. My excuse is that I started the year sick with the flu so there went my grand plans of jogging at least three times per week, and having no chocolate for the first three months. Thankfully, I know deep down that this will not be a reflection of how successful my businesses or fitness program will be this year. So, I intend to forget my New Year resolutions, and urge you to do the same. Instead, I suggest that you join me in revisiting how you take on the world whether you're an entrepreneur or responsible for the growth and development of any aspect of your company.

Continuously reinvigorate yourself and your business

Where am I going with this? I want you to either start that new business endeavour you've been thinking about, or continue to grow your business portfolio beyond even your wildest dreams. I'll try to keep it simple as per the guidance of Virgin Group's Richard Branson. I'll be using his words as my inspiration for 2019 in changing how I take on the world.

Turn Problems into Opportunities for Business Growth

Are you frustrated by something every day, every once in a while, or at any point in time? Guess what? As was said by Richard Branson, "a lot of the best ideas come out of personal frustrations". So if you find yourself frustrated by something, why don't you consider doing something about it? Perhaps it's the level of service you've received in a business, or the quality of a product you've recently purchased, or the lack of a product or service in the area you live. What you want to do is change how you see and react to the world so that you can take on the world.

A lot of the best ideas come out of personal frustrations

Distance yourself from the problem by forcing yourself to think about the problem objectively so that you can identify possible improvements. You want to forge ahead and get beyond the tears to great moments. If you accept that you will always have problems, you can adopt the approach of finding solutions to problems whether or not they appear in the personal or business aspects of your life. You'll find yourself more inclined to finding new business ideas that improve on the way things are being done by others. All you have to do next is have the confidence to change the game. Be courageous and "give it a try".

Be Positive

Richard Branson once said that "if you're a generally positive person, you can make positive things happen in the world". In taking on the world, whether as an entrepreneur or a business leader within your organisation, you'll need to move with confidence. There's no sense in starting any endeavour if you do not strongly believe in its potential success.

You must have self-assurance, if you're looking to do something new. You may find at the start that there are a lot of sceptics, even among your closest friends and family, who do not believe that your business idea has merit. Therefore, it is belief in yourself, your business partners and your project that will keep you forging ahead, especially at the start when you're just trying to survive as a business, and have yet to scrounge up some customers or when you're finding it difficult to "stay the right side of being able to pay your bills". Be bold in portraying your belief.

You can make positive things happen in the world

Being positive doesn't mean that you overlook the negatives. Instead, remember to mitigate any risk by turning your challenges and obstacles into opportunities for business growth or improvement.

Become a More Effective Leader

If you're running any company, it is important for you to focus heavily on your leadership skills. Otherwise, achieving business success will be impossible. Remember, as Richard Branson said "a company is simply a group of people". So, this tip applies whether you're the head of your own company, a member of the C-suite or management team, or simply responsible for supervising a few persons within your company at any point in time.

Always be looking to replace yourself

You've got to be a great listener. As Richard Branson has put it, "everybody has some expertise in something in life". Start by getting to know your team as individuals. You can even sit in on meetings between your direct reports and their subordinates. Ultimately, you should aim to talk less and listen more. You want to be learning more about each individual or business situation by asking tons more questions, and truly listening rather than coming up with how to respond to what another person is saying.

Delegate. In many cases, you'll get to or are already at a point where you can't do it by yourself. So, try to get on board persons who are much better at you in doing what needs to be done. As per Richard Branson, you should "always be looking to replace yourself".

If you praise people, they flourish.

Thereafter, once you've brilliant persons on board, you've got to treat them well so that they remain inspired and motivated in order to help you to take on the world. It's hard to say it better than Richard Branson's analogy. "People are like flowers. If you water flowers, they flourish. If you praise people, they flourish". Invest in your team so that they have the tools and empowerment they need to do well. Be genuine. Treat them even better than how you would want to be treated yourself, and you're bound to see your business grow.

Constantly Aim to Learn More

Sometimes it can be difficult to find business opportunities. One of the easiest ways you can find ideas is to find out what's going on elsewhere around the world. Be inquisitive. Like Richard Branson, get excited by learning about new things and be inspired by what others have done.

If you do your research, you'll often find great products and/or services being offered elsewhere in the world that could easily be adapted to your neck of the woods. Alternatively, if you're focused on growing your business, by researching market trends you'll be able to understand and keep an eye on how the market is evolving. Don't just look at the big players in the market. Remember, how Apple affected the music world. Pay attention to potential changes.

Absorb knowledge all the time

If you're part of a start-up, you've likely learnt a lot about running your business by doing much on your own. However, when needed, rely and learn from others in your team, find one or more mentors that you admire, and talk to your customers and business partners. Get others to change how you see the world so that you can take on the world. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or to sound like an idiot especially when you're discussing topics well outside of your comfort zone. Also, don't forget to write down whatever you've learnt.

Absorb knowledge all the time, whether it's from the people around you or from other areas of the world, and you will find yourself changing your perspective on your business endeavours and even your life itself, along with how you tackle any problems that arise. It will help you to continuously reinvigorate yourself and your business as is needed for business growth.

Screw it! Let's do it

In summary, be passionate and persistent in whatever you're doing this year and you're bound to achieve the business growth objectives you've set out for yourself. Wish me luck in taking on the world from hereon and I'll wish you all the same. Happy New Year and all the best in 2019.

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