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Become a Contributor with Sluamor.com

Share Your Experience With Us

Looking for new ways to promote yourself or your business? If yes, consider contributing articles to Sluamor.com. Become a contributor!

We would like to receive the insights of experts in the field, who can leverage their everyday knowledge and experience to address the questions and concerns of our blog readers. If you fit the bill, we invite you share one or more articles on our website.

How Can You Benefit as a Contributor?

Although we cannot offer to pay for any of your contributed articles, we would tag you as the author for each article you submit and publish your profile, links to your company website, and links to your social media accounts. We will also cross-link all articles that you have created for us.

Our Guidelines for Contributors

  1. You can take a look at the articles we’ve added thus far to get a feel of our preferred writing style.

  2. Articles are expected to be between 500 to 2,500 words with engaging content, and clearly written without excessive jargon or self-promotion of yourself or your company.

  3. Contributed articles must not have been previously published, and are to remain exclusive to our site for at least 10 days. Thereafter, they can be re-published fully or otherwise on other websites, with a link back to the original article on Sluamor.com.

  4. At least one photograph must be provided with each article, with an indication of who should be credited for the photo if not yourself.

  5. Videos can also be provided. They will be added to our YouTube channel with the YouTube link embedded into the relevant article.

  6. We will not publish articles from any individuals until we’ve obtained sufficient evidence with regards to the person’s expertise.

  7. We reserve the right to reject any submissions if we feel that the content is inappropriate, does not reflect the Sluamor writing style or for any other reason.

What to Expect After Submission?

After sending us any new submissions, we will acknowledge receipt within one working day prior to completing a review to determine if we will go ahead and publish. We cannot guarantee that each submission will be published and we will not always be able to give feedback about why a submission may not have been selected for publication.

Once accepted for publication, we reserve the right to edit the article at our discretion (e.g., to improve readability and substance, and to maximise web traffic).

Where Should I Start?

Sharing your story is easy! Drop us a note via our Contact Page if you'd like to become a contributor and we'll get in touch within one business day. Become a contributor on Sluamor.com today.

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