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About Sluamor Limited

Grow your business by making our dream your reality.

Our Vision

Slua mór means the big crowd in Irish. It is based on our philosophy that "Together, we are more than the sum of all our parts".

Our aim is to establish a big virtual crowd of Irish SMEs up and down the length and breadth of Ireland to start, and quickly extending beyond thereafter.

We intend to achieve this goal by helping organisations to combine their resources and capabilities so that they can win more business.

What do we do?

The Sluamor concept is to provide the perfect resource support for SMEs looking to grow when:

  • They have resource constraints.
  • They don't have time to develop and launch new products.
  • They are unable to access bank loans.
  • They find themselves being unable to win larger contracts because alone, they are too small to do so.

For example, through our Consortium platform, we help companies to make business connections and form alliances quickly so that they can leverage their expertise and experiences in order to:

  1. Win larger contracts, by adding on valued services to their own when participating in government or private sector tender competitions.
  2. Target new markets, as part of their growth strategy to secure additional income by diversifying or introducing new or established products and/or services to a new customer base.
  3. Secure funding, by fundraising with others who can help in the delivery or new, improved or more integrated services.

How do we help businesses to source potential partners?

It all starts when a company representative advertises their business idea on our website so that other organisations can engage with them by recording their interest and their reasons.

More specifically, if you want to make business connections, you can start to find possible partners by:

  1. Advertising on Sluamor.
  2. Searching our list of business opportunities.

How do we help businesses to form alliances?

Once possible partners are identified, Sluamor can further support organsations by:

  1. Evaluating the proposals of potential partners to help in determining those which could be the most appropriate.
  2. Guiding the selected members through the practicalities of forming alliances (e.g., a consortium) to maximise their potential for success.

How Sluamor Was Started

The idea of Sluamor started as far back as 2011, when Ross McCarthy and Donnacha Phelan were both working with one of the big four consultancy firms. Together, Ross and Donnacha developed a plan. The first part of the plan was to setup Keystone Procurement, a consulting business focused primarily on helping SMEs in winning contracts with both state and private bodies, and helping public sector organisations in sourcing whatever they need from the market. The revenues from Keystone Procurement would be (and have been) used to bootstrap a second business idea, which we now refer to as Sluamor.

By 2015, within a year of each other, both Ross and Donnacha had moved on from the world of big consulting firms. They stuck to their strategy and built the Keystone Procurement business month by month gaining even further insights into the buy and supply cycles of real commercial practices in the public and private sectors.

Developing Sluamor.com

With Keystone Procurement established, Donnacha's primary focus shifted to Sluamor. In fleshing out the Sluamor business concept, Donnacha would often have discussions with a former consulting colleague, Tanya Thompson, with whom he’d worked often over the years, to get her insights on the new business model.

By then, Tanya too had also moved on from the consulting firm where all three had worked to spend time with her family and to develop an online property platform, Nohuts.com, with her brothers in Jamaica. In a short while, Tanya had become as invested as Donnacha and Ross in getting Sluamor launched, and so joined the team.

With Tanya's commitment in place, we watched Sluamor unfold from simply an idea into reality. Tanya got her business partners and brothers on board, and thereafter Nohuts Advertising Limited worked closely with Keystone Procurement to build Sluamor.com from scratch, one line of code at a time. As Jamaicans will often say, "one, one coco full basket". In other words, success doesn't happen overnight.

Gain Competitive Advantage

It's been a long journey, but for us, it's been particularly gratifying to design, shape and build this dream. We believe that it will offer our business, your business and many others like yours with possibilities that you'd never have considered before. We invite you to be a part of our dream.

The moment you register to Sluamor.com, you will have started the process of building competitive advantage over your competition. That is a dream worth having. Join us at Sluamor.com to make it happen. However, remember that success doesn't happen overnight. We've been patient and we ask that you as owners of this service to also be patient with us. Welcome to our world.

Make our dream your reality.

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